Fragrances currently available at
Celtic Scents
*** = Custom fragrance blended by our company and ONLY available at Celtic Scents.  All custom fragrances are Trademarked "TM". 

** = Custom fragrance ONLY available at Celtic Scents. All custom fragrances are Trademarked "TM".

Apple Pie - Aroma of spicy apple pie straight from the oven.
***Bamboo & Lily - A green, fruity bouquet with citrus, lilac, rose, clove, and musk notes with a blend of white flowers and lilies.
Blueberry Cobbler - Freshly baked blueberry cobbler straight from grandma's oven.
***Celtic Angel™ - Aroma of jasmine and orange with light notes of pine.
***Celtic Christmas™ - Aroma of christmas cookie with a twist of pine.
***Celtic Essence™ - Aroma of sage and bamboo with light notes of clove.
***Celtic Frost™ - Aroma of a minty christmas cookie.
***Celtic Harvest™ - Aroma of cinnamon, orange, and grapefruit.
***Celtic Holly™ - Aroma of cinnamon, vanilla, and orange.
***Celtic Kiss™ - Aroma of sandalwood, peppermint, vanilla, brown sugar, and a hint of cotton candy.
***Celtic Magic™ - Aroma of orange groves, cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar, and a hint of cotton candy.
**Celtic Moonlight™ - A soft floral scent enhanced by jasmine and rose.
***Celtic Noel™ - Aroma o cinnamon, orange, and pine.
***Celtic Pie™ - Aroma of butter pecan, cinnamon, and clove.
***Celtic Snow™ - Aroma of mint with vanilla.
***Celtic Spell™ - Aroma of jasmine, bamboo, vanilla, brown sugar, and a hint of cotton candy.
***Celtic Spice™ - Aroma of lily flowers blowing in the breeze with a hint of clove.
***Celtic Warrior™ - Aroma of leather, sandalwood, and sage.
Chamomile - The soothing smell of the well known aromatic herb.
Clean Linen - Smells like sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers and a hint of lemon.
**Cozy Fire™ - Warm and cozy aroma composed of woods, spices and fresh eucalyptus embodies all the comforts of home.
Cucumber & Melon - Smells like fresh cucumbers, cantalope, and honeydew melon.
Eucalyptus - Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with a hint of lime.
Honeysuckle - Fresh ozonic honeysuckle blend with hints of jasmine, rose, and lilac.
Irish Coffee - Vanilla beans, coffee beans, and cocoa beans blended together.
Irish Cream - This one smells like a rich, creamy Irish coffee blend.
Lavender - Lavender bouquet enhanced by clary sage, patchouli and rosemary.
Leather - Leathery bouquet that smells like the inside of a saddle-shop.
Lemongrass & Sage - Smell of lemongrass and sage.
Patchouli - The pungent aroma of the leaves.
Peppermint - Ruffled mint leaves that smell just like the holiday favorite.
Pine - Harvest of northern pines.
Pomegranate - Blend of peach, apple, and strawberry with a touch of vanilla.
Sage Leaf - A blend of wild jasmine, white roses, french lavender and bergamot with a light hint of fresh pine needles.
Sandalwood - Woody bouquet with touches of cedarwood, amber, cedar leaf and musk.
Strawberry Cheesecake - Perfect aroma of cheesecake with nice thick strawberry sauce.
**Sweet Cottage - Cinnamon and clove with rosemary and ylang.
Vanilla Satin - Vanilla blend with hints of cotton candy and brown sugar.

All candles and wax tarts are available in our fragrances. If you would like to order a specific candle/wax tart that is not currently available in a particular fragrance please e-mail your request and we can have the product added within 2 business days.